Integration > IFTTT > Apply a light scene > Options Unavailable

Hi all,

I am trying to set up an integration with IFTTT on my Yeelight app, here are the steps I took:

  1. tap “Integration” > “IFTTT”.
  2. tap “Apply a light scene” > “Continue”
  3. tap “Configure”, then under the heading “Which scene?”, it says “Options Unavailable” on the dropdown list.

Firemware: latest
Yeelight Version: 3.1.11

Any help?

Hello .Try to create the scenes you want first .Go to Scenes >Create scene and after comlpleting the sceen you wish , then only give a second try to the steps that you mentioned in your post above .After the above steps, the scenes that you will have previously add and save will show up in the "Which Scene " section. Hope that helps !


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Thanks @seas96 and @dingyichen,
I was actually looking for the preset (recommended) scenes, similar to those available in the Mi Home App, such as “Sunrise”, “Sunset”, “Movie”, “Candle Flicker” etc.

Any idea how to set those?