Install yeelight bulbs without Smartphone?


i recently bought some yeelight bulbs. Thought it would be possible to install them with Alexa (Amazon Echo Dot), but thats not working, Alexa doesn´t find any new devices. Also a reset of the bulb didnt help.

When i check my wifi-settings in windows, i can see the yeelight bulb in the listings.

Is there ANY possibility to install the yeelight WITHOUT a smartphone? Because i dont own one and dont have access to one.

Thanks in advance.

No, you must use one smart phone (with Yeelight app) to finish the installation.

Probably i have an other problem? I can see the bulb in the wifi network on my pc when i put in the wifi usb dongle. But i dont see the bulb when i just into my router menu where both my pc and amazon echo dot are listed. shouldn`T i be able to see it there like on the pc with wifi dongle?

Mhhh, isn`t it possible over Bluestacks( Android 6 emulator for windows)?

I installed the yeelight and mi home app with it, but it cant find any devices too. Tried singapor and china servers.

There isnt existing any workaround? Thats making me said and in the end every retailer who sells these bulbs should mention that the minimum requirement for installation is a smartphone with Android 4.4 or IOS 8.

I really wonder why you didnt think of that there is a chance that the user hasnt got a smartphone and implemented a possibility to install it without or an outdated one.

In fact i own an old ipod touch 2g with iOS 4.4 or something. But as seen in itunes on windows, your yeelight app seems to needs ios8? Is there probably an really early/old yeelight app existing with which i would be able to install the bulbs at least with my ipod touch 2g? At least i can see the buld on the wifi with my ipod touch 2g.

Also installed whited00r 7.1 on the ipod if this is any help.

I’m wondering how you connect your Echo dot to the server? It also requires a smart phone. I believe the same method should apply to Yeelight bulbs. Let us know your status, we will try our best to assist you.

Didn`t work yet.

The Echo dot does have an installation modus (holding the setup button for a few seconds) and you can install it over the alexa webbrowser app then.

But with the yeelights? shrug

Also wonder why it isn`t possible to install the yeelight with the yeelight app in alexa…