Improvements in the application

I like the ability to choose the color and color temperature as it is implemented by Yeti. Why not do something similar? When the color is convenient to choose the color wheel, and not the square. + add a display of the color coordinates and the brightness slider.

Coolly done, simple, intuitive and convenient.

Add the input of the exact color in a similar way:

  • When creating temporary color frames, you need to add the ability to see what color is added (as well as the ability to enter color coordinates manually). Allow the test for the color to be added. There is an opportunity to test the whole cycle of frames, it’s good, but you still have to see each one separately. For example, to include the border color when you click on the frame icon.

  • It is necessary to add the ability to sort and move alarms(Also how you can sort and move color frames).

  • I like the frame, it’s a smooth color change. Cool! But it is not possible to evaluate the color of a particular frame when setting (.

  • The ability to change favorites?

It is not clear: after performing the “settings” - “save the current state” the lamp was turned off. Maybe I messed up in the settings? What is the difference between “save state” and “turn on”?

  • the ability to copy favorites, alarms between devices?

In general, it would be important for me to be able to accurately enter the color in the color frame and view it on the device.

The color bar in the widget and the color on the device differ in the values.