Improve colour mixing (colour vibrancy/saturation)

Hi. This has been briefly mentioned here, but I think it needs own topic.

After 1.4.1_52 firmware update, colour mixing has been changed. ‘Maximum Red’, ‘Maximum Green’ and ‘Maximum Blue’ colours are not as vibrant as they used to be. Please make them as vibrant (saturated) as possible :slight_smile:

I can briefly see vibrant colours in ‘transition’ effect between other colours (when selecting hue in app). But it’s impossible to lock on them.

(As I understand internally bulbs use RGB LEDs. When I set ‘Maximum Red’ I expect only red LEDs to light up, and other LEDs to be completely off. At least, please make it possible in API :wink: ).

Thank you!

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We will take a look at it, thanks for your feedback.

I totally agree, colors are less vibrant after update…(at least with lightstrip)

We will take a look at the new color mixing algorithm. Thanks for letting us know.

Another mention of this problem:

Hello there, just to say that, at least for me, it hasn’t been a matter of the last update, I just haven’t ever been able to get a blue with all my 4 Lightstrips since I bought them last November :slight_smile:

P. S.
If needed I can add a pic of the Lightstrip next to the bulb, both set on the same blue grade and you can easily see the difference.