Impossible to connect to Yeelight Candela

I received today my two Yeelight Candela from Kickstarter but I can’t get to connect them to the app. They find the MAC address, but after starting the pairing it fails after 10% with the message: “Connection Failed. Please turn on your device and have your phone close by”. Candela is correctly in Bluetooth mode (indeed the app can find them).
Any help? I’m using 3.0.06 on Google Pixel 2 XL.

Solved using another phone (OnePlus 5T) but it doesn’t sync back to my Pixel 2 XL so I still can’t use them with my phone.

It seems something wrong with Bluetooth connection setup.

Try to re-enable bluetooth adapter of your phone, if still no luck, reboot your phone.

I can confirm that the Candela will not connect to the Pixel 2, no amount of reboots will solve this.

Will try. Hold on.

Just tested with Pixel 2, it works fine. What’s the problem on your side?

I select the Candela light, I press Next and then I get Connection Failed - Please turn on your device and have your phone close by.
I still have this problem.

I’m facing the same issue, it’s impossible to connect to yeelight candela (tried using Mi A1 & iPhone 5S)

I have the same problem. No connection. Only 10% sometimes 15% but the registration fails every time.
I have a Huawei P9 lite.
Restarted Bluetooth, deleted the Bluetooth Cache and the other paired devices, nothing worked.

Can confirm for Pixel 2 XL using latest patch from March (8.1). No connection possible.

I did not join HTC U11. I was able to fix it with my older HTC M9 phone and updated the firmware (2.1.1) and after that I knew HTC U11 would connect.

i updated to the newest firmware using my galaxy s8.
after that update, i couldnt find the candela to connect anymore :frowning:

after several reboots i find my candelas again, but still no connection possible !

After another several reboots, i could connect with firmware 2.2.1:D

Same problem as in topic can’t connect to yeelight candela. Connecting with Lg V30 (android oreo). Lamp is visible in bluetooth devices as yeelight_ms but you can’t pair with it. Connecting through the app failing on 10%. My phone is lying onthe top of that lamp so it’s definitely close enough. I’ve performed plenty of resets for lamp with no luck. Issue still unsolved…As a server i have used China mainland instead of recomended Germany because I’ve already got account for mi home app and it’s registered for china. Any ideas how to fix it or update for an app? I want to use all functions of this device.