Impossible to connect to the Lamp

I have been unable to connect to the Xiaomi MiJia Bedside Lamp for a week. I appeared as an Offline, and there was no way to connect.
I have reset, unlinked, Gateway included, changed Region or Country, unpainted application and deleted all possible data, and nothing at all, there is no way to link the Xiaomi MiJia Bedside Lamp 2.

Please refer to the link to see which step do you stuck?

Starting from the base that I do not modify the Router, nor use it only in the face of modifications, inexplicably or Poltergeist. The Lamp with its MAC address appeared on the Router, as Denial access, which I do not understand, since I did not select it that way, since the Router, barely or nothing, looked at it or configured it. Result, once the access, or MAC address of the lamp, is removed, it is back to life;).
Topic Solved to be taken into account, given that I do not touch or nothing the router or MAC addresses of the house, and this one appeared blocked without knowing the reason.

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Glad it works, good to know the reason why it is offline.

Did you input incorrect password when you were trying to connect the lamp?

If some device keep trying to connect your router with incorrect pwd, the router might put that device into some kind of blacklist.

I do not usually make a mistake with the password, although it could be, but the Xiaomi Cooker Induction arrived a few days ago, and I linked it to the first one. As I commented on the hardly touching or nothing the Router its configurations, it did not occur to me to see where the Mac addresses are blocked, and there was the problem, it was to eliminate it and to the first one, lamp to work properly.

Thanks to both of you.