Impossible to connect to an iOS device



I’ve spent several days trying to connect my Yeelight white bulb to my iPhone but it’s simply impossible.

I think I’ve just tried everything.

  1. Setting a pretty simple access-point with an easy pass (not using strange characters)
  2. Being sure that I am using 2,4Ghz Wi-Fi
  3. Resetting the bulb
  4. Unlog and log again my Mi account
  5. China mainland servers selected
  6. Using Mi Home and Yeelight app aswell

Any other idea?
I’m getting mad with this…


Sorry for the issue, please let us know which step do you stuck? And have you tried with other server?


Using Yeelight app it gets stucked at 0% on the charging wheel. Otherwise using Mi Home app it charges completely but when it finishes it ask me to reboot the bulb and repeat the process…

I think I have tried everything…


Did the iPhone always connect to the AP named “yeelink-light-***” when stucked at 0%? And please make sure your Yeelight app version is 3.1.12