IFTTT wont find my items on drop down menu

Title basically says it all,
i am tryng to set an ifttt to turn on/off the lights in my bedroom
but when i add yeelight service to IFTTT the drop down menu doesnt show any items, which are the latest firmware on the latest version of yeelight/ifttt on a samsun s8+ (if it does matter)

You should use Yeelight APP and login it with your XIAOMI account,and then select sg or us server,then connect your light with our APP.
If you do all of these but still can’t find any lights on IFTTT, please give me a screenshot and provide you XIAOMI account ID,so that we can debug it.
By the way,you said " i add yeelight service to IFTTT the drop down menu doesnt show any items",is it means you had select yeelight as “that” part instead of “this” part?

Thank you sheldon for your response.

Another problem i’m having is that i use 2 apps to use my lamps the YEELIGHT app and the MiHome app because i have invested in a xiaomi smart home starter kit. i love to have a door sensor which turns on my lights when i get in my apartment after dark or having a body sensor near my wca and my lights turned on dimmed if i wake up late at night.

but i guess when i try to use the both apps it causes problems because i have to re add my devices to the yee app very often.

As you said, you have more other devices(sensors) both,so the question is which server do you select?I’m afraid you had select China Mainland server,maybe the other devices(sensors) only support China Mainland server.You know,we don’t support China Mainland server with IFTTT.

so i selected the China server for the mihome app.
then after your message i went and deleted the two lights (1 yee bulb and 1 stip) from me home app and reset’ed them to add to my Yeelight App which was selected Singapore.
But the Yeelight app failed to find those 2 items on its scan multiple times when whenever i launched the MiHome app it automatically found those items before even searching for them.