IFTTT widgets doesn’t work

hey guys, I’ve an issue with the IFTTT widgets. They doesn’t work anymore. do you have problems to?
I’ve tried everything but nothing seems to help. it doesn’t react at all.
what can I do?
Pleas help.

I’m having problems with IFTTT too the last couple of days and not just the Yeelight recipes.
So I suspect IFTTT is having problems.

Hm…ok. And do you have problems with the widgets too or with IFTTT in general? Because for me everything else is working fine with IFTTT.

First of all, can you make sure your devices are all online and you can control them by Yeelight app?
If it is,you can recreate your recipes(or modify it by select options again) and create new widgets for it.(We update our cloud api for IFTTT,it’s work well for most of all, but i’m not sure for you, recreate or modify IFTTT recipes can make the options data right.)

Hey, first of all thanks for your reply. And of course I can and did control the lights with the Yeelight app but it would be nice if it workes again with IFTTT. And I tried it with modifying the recipes and it didn’t work.

But now it works again well also for me. I don’t know what was wrong but now it’s working, so thank you anyway.

OK.As we had’t modify our IFTTT api ,but the widget now works well. I guess perhaps it is caused by network or IFTTT servers instability.

Yeah I think it was something with the IFTTT server. Cause the Yeelight app worked fine.

IFTTT is broken after your latest update. Even manually changing every appplet again doesn’t solve problem. It always fails

IFTTT shows I have lamps in both Songapore and US erver which is not true. I only use Singapore and Yeelight app shows nothing in US server. How to delete US server stuff? IFTTT how I have scenes in both servers, which is not true.

Pleae fix this, this makes lights unusable for me.

hm…for me it works again like before with no problems.

I’ve tried and it seems, that it doesn’t works correctly again. :slightly_frowning_face:

1.Could you give me your Xiaomi account ID that i can debug your issue.
2.We provide all our recommend scenes and your customized scenes in every servers for IFTTT and distinguish them by the words in the parentheses.You said every server you see has a scene.Do you see our recommendation scene instead of your own custom scene?

Same here… I can’t get it right…
Everyday I recive a new email from IFTTT about the problem with my connection (their?) with Yeelight.

It’s being frustrating…

I had problems since than but after couple days it works how it should.

Have you reconnected your XIAOMI account waht IFTTT told you to do.Maybe you have an expired token that IFTTT can’t use it to connect to our server.