Ifttt updates?

Ok, while wwe are waiting for the intergration with google home, yeelights work perfectly with ifttt but:

  1. I have 5 rooms using yeelights, about 20 bulbs. Names: dinning room, kitchen, living room, bedroom1 and bedroom 2.
  2. I group bulbs and group names according to above.
  3. In ifttt, I combine google assistant with yeelight to say command, for example: turn on the kitchen lights, turn off the kitchen lights. It works fine but, I have to repeate each and every steps for each amd every room in the house, quite pain in the ass as this is just for toggle the lights. If i want to dim, to change scenes, to set brightness, I have to repeat all over again for rooms. No good at all.
  4. I notice that you can say phrase with text and number ingredients in google assistant and ifttt will take that text ingredient into action. I tried: turn on the $ lights, in which $ will say the room names but in yeelight part, we can not use that text $ to associate with the group we named in yeelight app.

If yeelight team can figure out a way to use text ingredient as stated above, it would save us a bulk of time and effort and hundreds of applets in ifttt.

Say, Turn on the $ lights, yeelights’ applet’s which lights can specify the text I speak into group, it’d be the best deal for us here.

Cheers and greetings.

No one?

We are working on Yeelight 3.0, which will introduce Room. Then you don’t need to struggle that.