IFTTT control

Hi, just got this awesome ceiling light, playing around with the IFTTT… fantastic program.
Anyway, was testing some of the Applet on the “Wake up gently by using Yeelight sunrise”.
It mentioned that <The brightness gradually increases within 15 minutes from 1% to 100% .>
Is there anyway to control the brightness say 1%-50% or a certain specific range…

Try "Dim YOUR_DEVICE_NAME to 50 percent "

Where to find YOUR_DEVICE_NAME


Sorry, I thought you were using amazon alexa.

No problem…
On the existing Yeelight applet.
How can I control the gradual time and the percentage. The current brightness to 100% is too bright. It will be great if this is controllable.


That Sunrise scene is preset with 15 mins and 100% brightness, and doesn’t support customization so far.
We are working on color flow customization, then you can setup your own sunrise scene with any gradual time and brightness.
Stay tuned!

That’ll be great… hope to see this feature soon.
Great product and services…