IFTTT- Control a Group of Lights! (Tutorial)

I’m writing this post because I don’t see any post to tell how to do this.

Recently the Mi Home App (Xiaomi App) update bring the “Group Feature” to the Singapor Server. In my case I can’t control my lights with this option but if I create a Light Group then automatically the group appears in the IFTTT option. So you can create groups and now one applet can control more than one light.

For example: turn on/off a group of lights, dim the light of a group of lights, etc.

Some screenshoots about my post:

1- The group of lights in the Mi Home app

2- The group working in an applet

3- The options

Sorry if anyone already posted this, just trying to help!

Group feature for IFTTT and Echo are not supported yet, please use scene management of Yeelight app to create a scene which can support multiple devices.

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Hey, thanks for reply :slight_smile:. This actually works for me and now I can control a group of lights without the Scene management. Via the Mi Home App (creating the group in here and shows in the IFTTT app).

Yes, Erik, you method works for a group of color yeelights, but it doesnt work for the white version.

I have another workaround which works for all version by using the scene management, see below link for the details.


That looks like a nice Tutorial, but unfortunately I cannot use it, since I cannot change location to Singapore Servers in Mi Home App. It is a damn that you can use 0 Devices besides Yeelights with Singapore Servers… Damn you Xiaomi…

Is there any Information regarding release of the New Grouping Feature? Cannot wait to be able to use groups. Especially with the ability to use Sunset and Sunrise Feature…

And is there any way you can tell the Xiaomi App Makers, they need to give at least some devices the option to be used with Singapore Servers??? What does it help anyone if you cannot use Yeelights with Amazon Echo when using other Xiaomi Devices… Maybe Xiaomi Team listens to you, when they are not listening to their customers??? Please give them some Pressure…

Totally understandable, we are also very sorry for this awkward situation. However, we are only a very small part of the Xiaomi ecosystem and we have already complained a lot to them without any effect. Xiaomi IOT’s strategy is focusing on China market firstly and they are also very short of hands…
So please be patient, we will raise your comments to them again.

Any progress on the group feature for IFTTT?

the group feature has been gone missing since the update of Yeelight App Beta 3.0

No one sees this feature has been disabled?

I have the group feature in the beta… :confused:

But it’s version 2.3.86

This isn’t working since 3.0 update. I use Google assistant integration now anyways.

Google home will not pull group or rooms from Yeelight application. However, Google home provides group features, you can create it in it.

What about group in ifttt? I want to trigger the light when I enter area of my home, so that I dont have to Call Out to Google Home. Before the 3.0, the feature still existed, but not anymore, how can we bring it back?

You can use scenes for that. Create a scene with the light you want to turn on. Use that scene in IFTTT