IFTTT and yeelight scenes

Hi, do yeelight scenes really work with IFTTT? I have tried enabling applets that trigger a yeelight scene. Whenever the applet runs, nothing happens with the lights linked to the scenes. I’ve confirmed that the particular scene works when triggered directly from the yeelight app. Grateful for any insight. Thanks.

Hey ! Make sure that you are connected to the Singapore server .Then try to disable and re-enable the applets you want and if that works!

I’ve been on singapore server from the start. The yeelight scene still doesn’t work from ifttt

I’m using IFTTT to activate scene when my phone is connected to a specific Wi-Fi. It works, but there is an annoying delay (about 30/40 secs), so it’s useless for what I need to do. I don’t know why.

BTW, Just try to start from scratch, creating your own applet. Aftet that, go to Activity tab and then check the log. If still fails, in the Errors section there should be something like “Applet skipped” with the reason.