I want to control white color temperature manually

When setting ‘daylight(日光)’ in yeelight app, I could control color temperature and brightness by moving points here and there, and if I save it in my favorites, I can check its color temperature at the ‘Scene’ menu.

What I wanna do is to set these white color temperatures manually such as 4500k, 3200k, 5600k, and so on by typing such numbers or choosing one of these preset color temperatures.

I wanted to set it for 4500k temperature, but what I could do best was 4456k since I could’ve just used my fingertips to control. I think it doesn’t make sense. I am not sure if cheaper version of this bulb(white-only bulb) supports this function, but I probably saw on the ads that cheaper ones support it. If those ones have this function, these more expansive ones definitely should support the same thing as well. (Whether or not, it is better to have these functions, anyway.)

Could you update these options in the next version?

We will support customized lighting effects in next app update.

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Will be get to input custom Temperature and RGB values? It’s cool thing to have but I don’t think it’s crucial requirement.

Will have everything there, we will provide the maximum flexibility to user.

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Great! Let me know if you need any help with app q&a/feature testing.

Got my first bulb today and this is the first thing I was missing. Option to precisely input HEX color codes and color temp values would be great for my needs

Ok, we will consider it in next major app update.
BTW, you may look into the developer mode which can let you control the bulb very precisely.

For me it was part of the previous app (2.X branch). Why it has been removed form this 3.X branch?!

Hi, my ID is 6245828909 , how do i activate the set by temperature kelvin function ?

use voice command or LAN control

what voice command or lan control? i tried many commands and none work to set exact kelvin temperature or RGB

Well you can’t, they were humbley removed that