I can't connect my google home to yeelight


Hi, I can’t connect my google home to yeelight, every time I try to install the app on the Google home, it connects with my login but does not add any device…

I already tried to reset the google home and the Home app but no changes.

Currently in the US server


I record your MI ID, please try link it, i will see the logs.


Thanks it now works :slight_smile:


I’m having the same problem - my MI ID is 1819218618


Hi partner, I didn’t find your WiFi devices, what’t your devices type?


Hi @yusure ,
I have same problem, my ID: 1598964645 and currently using Singapore server


I didn’t find your Wi-Fi devices, is you device bluetooth ?


@yusure no, I use two of wifi Yeelight LED bulb (color and white)
do I need to reset and reconnect all my bulb?


Can you send me a screenshot on Yeelihgt app?



Hi @yusure, sorry for my late reply
here my Yeelight app screenshoot