How to unpair/ reset remote control from a yeelight ceiling light?

Hi Yeelight staff, I have a question regarding how to reset/ unpair my remote control from all the Yeelight Ceiling lights?

I went a bit over to pair all (5 Yeelight Ceiling lights) lights with one remote control and only found out that the control went crazy when I try to dim a light I want in front of me and it did not work instead it dim the light in another room.

Can I reset/ unpair this remote control so I can re-pair it to only one Yeelight Ceiling light? I have tried and took out the battery and leave it for 10 minutes and try again but the pairing still exist.

Hope to hear from you soon.


You can use Yeelight application, from control view of the device. There is an item option named with “Remote”, you can swipe left to delete which remote has bounded to it.

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Thanks. It works perfectly now!

Thanks again.

Dear @dingyichen I’ve a similar problem and I’ve the 3.0.06 Yeelight app for android but I can’t find where is the option in the app to unpair remote control