How to set Sunrise schedule

Hi! I would like to know how to set a schedule time to wake up using a dimmable sunrise mode, I tried through IFTTT applet, but don’t recognise the device. Just recognises the device the applet intended for white bulb and even in this applet the light don’t dimm.

Is there any easy option to do it?

Thanks a lot.

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Any luck with this ? i have the same problem. I have a work around by setting a customised light sequence with many frames in the app,. but it is not quite the same and a bit tedious. What app are you using ? I am using the yeelight app, and am trying to get the sunrise button functionality to come on schedule on all weekdays.

Use “Change color” option to trigger sunrise in IFTTT if you are using color supported device.
Use “Change color temperature” if you are using color temperature only device
Use “Change brightness” if you are using dimmable only device.

If you still have trouble, please post a screenshot here so we can provide better support.

Tasker is worth it’s weight in gold for any android user. I have mine set up to be triggered by the sleep as android app. So at a time I set the alarms starts going off very quietly and increasing in volume. When the alarm starts (at whatever time I set it) the sunrise scene starts too.

thanks for the prompt reply… i will try this and get back to you!

how can i get a notify function to work ? for instance if i want it to notify rain connecting through IFTTT

Just a follow up… i saw the sunrise option under brightness. It doesn’t show under the other options though i have a yeelight ceiling light… but i now hopefully have it working.
I also found the notify option there

Hi again. Yesterday I tried through IFTTT Change Brightness in a new applet option, I set Sunrise Singapore server, and the ceiling lamp switch on at the set time, but I don’t know why the lamp don’t dimm at all.

Thanks for your answers.

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Did you find any solution for this problem?