How to set LED light color using motion sensor

I have the human body sensor setup to turn on my living room lights when I enter it in the morning (from my bedroom) and in the evening (after work). Right now I just have it set to turn the lights on, but what I want is to have it turn on to different intensities based on the time of the day. There’s sunlight in the morning, so it doesn’t need to be as bright as in the evening.

In the configuration section for the motion sensor there are options for

  • Switch brightness level
  • Switch color temperature
  • Switch color
  • Adjust color
  • Adjust color temperature

BUT … when I select those options, I can’t figure out how to actually select the color that I want. Like it should have some sort of options, but I don’t know how to access them.

Any ideas?


Yeelights have a favourite section for your color pick.

In my case I wanted a Yeelight glow bright red if garage door was left open beyond passage door access.

We have a lot of snatch and grabs out of garages in our area.
The access door passage is deadlocked.

Choose the Yeelight Color Bulb
Set your color in my case blood red
Save as Favourite under Favourite heart
I named this “Blood Red” as favourite name
Go out of bulb settings

Applies to the Lastest Mi home App for Android.

My Example setup: Garage Door left Open

1)Setup up a Open/Close Sensor to talk to a Gateway
2) position to garage door to correct gap
3) Test reporting Open/Close states correctly
4) Goto Scene setup for this Sensor
5) First Case Scene Open State for Sensor
6) Select Add to the Scene a call to the bulb
7) Choose Yeelight Color Bulb.
8) Choose Turn on
9) Confirm added to Scene
10) Add again
11) Choose Yeelight Color Bulb again
12) Goto to Bottom of Automation options.
13) Chinese Writing right at bottom is a option about setups in Yeelight bulbs
14) Bulb will come up with setups available in Favourites Star at bottom
15) Confusing as these are setups already as factory options setups (Photo Scene choices) by Yeelight.
16) You will note at top favourites AGAIN
17) This will take you to previous setup you MAY have added
18) Choose this favourites option at top
19) Choose the color favourite you have named in my case Blood Red
20) Check for added to Scene
21) Give your scene a name and save
22) Test
23) When Garage is left up Yeelight RGB bulb lights on as bright red alert.

Other Xiaomi sensors with Mi home App throughout the home interplay with this Yeelight color Bulb
I have also set this bulb for
Fire code - Bright Orange
Status good for home Security - Bright Green
Door / Window / Garage Door left open - Blood Red

That is USEFUL don’t you think?

Do you need to have the lights on the Chinese server to use the sensors?

You need to use Mi home Xiaomi version 5 and higher (Play Store).

Yes you require Mainland China locale for all of your components 100% available. They have ‘other’ but unfortunately in our case sensors based on Zigbee Gateway Xiaomi not found in manual list.

You could try Europe or other servers but you’ll get offline issues with devices.

If you are worried about security I suggest you compare Mi Home to Facebook or Messenger even MS Windows 10 agreement!

If you want English translation (98%) set your language to this. DO not leave on Android default setting in this Mi Home app!

Mi Home is a ECO Centric Smart Monolithic control app for all PARTICIPATING manufacturers distributing through Xiaomi China. There are alternatives such as Home Assistant.

You require the Gateway hardware as well by Xiaomi - Zigbee standard to talk to those sensors.

And much more important: Xiaomi China just announced freeing up of all their APIs of their smart products to the world.They are involved in a 65 billion dollar expansion float according to the “Australian Finanical Review” There presence into the US is going to be strengthened.

The translations into English are continuing at an unstoppable pace.