How to get RGB custom colors?


Is there any way I can get the RGB custom colors I setup? Or even those RGB colors for the recommended ones in the app (romantic, sunset, etc).

Thank you!

Yes you can retrieve this type of information from the bulb, under some circumstances. If the bulb was programmed with the “set_scene” method and “flowing” mode is active. You can issue this type command:
JSON_payload={“id”:1,“method”:“get_prop”,“params”:[“power”,“color_mode”,“flowing”,“flow_params”,“ct”,“bright”]} and receive this type of

[id] => 1
[result] => Array
[0] => on
[1] => 2
[2] => 1
[3] => 0,0,500,1,16711680,1,400,1,3355647,100,250,1,16711680,1,400,1,3355647,100
[4] => 2700
[5] => 100
This flow emulates a red/blue flashing police vehicle light effect.

Thanks a lot, but you’re assuming I’m familiar with coding, but I’m not. Any other easier way? :sweat: