How to disable the Wi-Fi module (Mi LED Desk Lamp)

Hi guys,
I’d like to know if it’s possible disable the Wi-Fi module of the “Mi LED Desk Lamp”.
Triple click on power button, for example!

What do you think?

Thank you so much,

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No, we don’t support this function for the present.

But for what?

I hope you will support it in the next update of this lamp. Wifi is not useful because there is already a button to control the settings. I will buy this lamp once it is possible to totally disable the wifi.

Has the problem of not being able to disable the Wifi transmitter in the Mi LED Desk Lamp been resolved?

For obvious reasons, Wifi is not permitted in certain office situations.

I’d like this feature very much. Many times it could be useful to deactivate it . For example in an office the wifi is not useful. Many times near devices are using wifi and could be useful to reduce EMF on body, especially if the lamp is near a bed. When someone is going to sleep could desire to turn the wifi off and switch it on when he want to use it. Moreover, many people could appreciate the design of the lamp but don’t want to use WiFi, so there are an emitting device that could be configured from anyone in the WiFi radius.

Indeed! Apparently Yeelight has no intention of implementing this feature 2 years after my topic was opened.

Hoping they will listen our request :slight_smile:

Hoping the same too!! (Please fix that problem, if it is possible).

Also, I’m asking the Yeelight Staff or anyone else knows: if the Mi LED Desk Lamp PRO (the newer and more expensive professional version) has the same problem too, because I’m wondering if I’ll buy it.

Thanks in advance