How to control multiple lights at once with Alexa?

Dear Yeelight fans,

I have two Yeelight RGB bulbs fit into one ceiling lamp. My question now is, is it possible to control both of them with Alexa? If yes, how do I do this?

You can Group them in Alexa application, then you can control them with the group name.

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Oh darn it! I didn’t see that option. Thank you!!!

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Awesome!!! Yeah that works great :grinning:

I was looking in the Yeelight app instead of the Alexa app…:sweat_smile:

You can do it in Yeelight too - there it’s called a scene, and the scenes are actually helpful in alexa, since you can save values like color and brightness of both bulbs, and then ask alexa to turn on “scene name”, which will set both bulbs to the settings you saved.

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Awesome!! I will check that out! Thanks for your help @basementjack!

Yes, you are right. The scene is a snapshot of your yeelight devices some moment light state, it can also be discovered by Alexa.

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Thanks again for your help! I love this forum :blush: