How to connect MiJia light to iPhone?

I have a new MiJia light. I was trying to connect the desk lamp to my iPhone but somehow it just would not connect.

I have iPhone 6s with latest Yeelight app.

I still can connect to my Yeelight Lamp (bed side lamp) without issues.

Am I missing something?

Mijia desk lamp is a WiFi product. You need a router and connect the lamp to the router firstly.

Hi Weiwei

Thanks for the comment.

router here refers to my internet router? I have wifi at home but how do I connect to my wifi since there’s nowhere for me to enter the Wifi name and password?


Please open Yeelight app and then find “add new device” in up right corner. Then follow the guide of the app and you will be able to connect it.

HIi Weiwei

That’s exactly the steps that I am unable to connect. I tried “add new device” and selecting the desk lamp. All it shows is a greyed out “Next” button and the lamp never connects.

Why don’t you use Yeelight app?

Hi im also having a trouble sync my Mi LED Desk lamp to Mi Home App.

Can somebody help me with this matter? thanks

Yes,what’s the problem?

when i sync the Mi LED Desk Lamp to the Mi App, it returns to the area where i will connect it to the my own router. But this time the Mi LED Desk Lamp was already in the selection, if i choose the Mi LED Desk Lamp, it already hanged but if i choose my own router, it will sync again and will check return on the same problem

Actually i already did this portion:

What selection?

at the list of wifi (the area where will i log in my own router)

You must have connected the AP started by your lamp, right?

i already did.

I will discussed it step by step:

  1. ill choose the LED Desk lamp in the selection

  2. Then this one:

  1. I will log in my own router

4 I need to connect the LED desk Lamp by selecting it through the Wifi list on Apple Settings

5 Go back again to Mi App

6 It will sync

7 After the Sync, it will hanged (a loading screen will just appear)

No, I mean you should not do this. Keep your phone connected to your home network.