Homescreen shortcuts

Every time I boot my device (smartphone and tablet) the homescreen shortcuts reset the icon to the master Yeelight Icon status. In other words, they lost the single icon labels.

Moreover I have another problem: during the last three days, all my 5 bulbs get, at the same times, offline.

What phone do yo use? we will have a look.

Did they come back online after a few mins? And please make sure if your network is ok at that time.

I’m using four different kind of device: Samsung S7Edge, Samsung S3 Tablet, P9 Huawei and an old Samsung tablet.
On all of above devices the problem is the same.

The network, during the reported problem, was fine and no, there is no solution. I have only to turn off the light and then on again. But I can do it only when I am at home…

Last question: I’ve just ordered another 3 bulbs. I’d like to use theme outside, into a water proof lamp holder, do you think could be a problem? (I mean: cold, umidity and so on)