Homekit support for Yeelight devices

Hi Yeelight,
forgive me if I write so many posts in such a short time, but I take this opportunity before going to work :slight_smile:
I know HomeKit platform Apple is somehow in competition with Xiaomi, but there is a possibility that in the future your Yeelight RGBW LED bulb can support HomeKit?
Can you tell me whether it is planned?
Thanks very much in advance for your patience and helpfulness.

The generation bulb will not officially support Homekit protocol since it’s not equipped with a apple security related chip. However, the good news is:

  1. You can follow this post to make this generation bulb work with Homekit. Homebridge plugin
  2. You can wait for our next generation product which is being made, it will officially support Homekit (should be MFi certified).
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could I know when will the new version available?
Just the plan is enough


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MFi version suspended due to the unreasonable high cost to pass the certification, sorry.

Thanks for the info, no more waiting.
The current version is too good for me.
Keep up the great work :+1:

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There are some news about HomeKit

With some news feature

“Also new for HomeKit in iOS is software authentication. This is a big deal for older accessories that are already shipping, allowing them to add support for the platform through software without the need for including a hardware authentication chip that Apple previously required.”

Can the yeelight bulb use with the HomeKit now? Can an update of the firmware solve the problem?


No Homekit support is the only thing holding me back from filling my entire house with yeelights. I hope the new software certification will enable you to add support!

If this new HomeKit setup would work with yeelight, will you add it?
If so, do you know when?



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Hi guys

I would be interested in HomeKit support, too. As it now is possible to add support without new hardware you could deliver a firmware update for it easily, right?

Kind regards

I doubt it is “easy”.
It is true that you do not need the authentication chip anymore.
But you still need to run through Apple’s approval process, which takes time and is also very expensive.
I do not think direct HomeKit support will be added in the near future. But hope so. :slight_smile:

Any news?

@weiwei, with the new update in iOS 11 that allows homekit support without any actual hardware change, will yeelight bring in official homekit support? This would be a great feature and I’m sure it will encourage all of us to buy a lot more Yeelights!!

Yes, no hardware is needed. However, we will have to go through the entire MFi process, it’s very complex and ridiculously expensive. Also, per Apple requirement, we may not allowed to connect to our cloud which is unacceptable to us.

Could you start a kickstarter to raise the money to do this?

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Refer to this thread on updates of Homekit coming soon.


Hi, does the Homebridge plugin support the Candela units?


How about now? Yeelight is Still off MFI process?

Thanks for sharing such useful ideas. If you are an iOS user you may get some useful ideas from iTunes error 9 page.