High pitch sound when turned on



When I turn on my Yeelight ceiling lights a really annoying high pitch sound is emitted by it. I noticed it before, but now that I installed it in my bathroom which reflects the sound and it drives me crazy…
I am in the Netherlands. 230V.

Can this be fixed?

Yeelight JIAOYUE 450 LED Ceiling Light 200-220V to install in Europe with 230V

Just want to add that i have the same problem with the ceiling lights. Installed today in my living room and its unusable.

The sound is scaling with brightness. In Moon mode it sounds like a mosquito flying around and in Sun mode its like several hornets in the room.

Btw.: Germany 230V.

Same question: Can it be fixed or broken unit?


Hi, I’d like to know that as well :slight_smile:

Have you somehow fixed the problem?