HELP! Yeelight Strips and bulbs not working after power outage

Hi all,

I have been using 4 Yeelight Colour Bulbs and 3 Yeelight Strips and all have been working great for the past 4 months.

Today after a 9 hour long power outage, all Strips and lights are not being able to be detected in the app.

I tried downloading a new version of the app to no avail. Switched between Singapore and Mainland china server to no avail too.

Finally managed to connect 3 out of 4 Yeelight Colour bulb on the mainland china server. The other 1 Yeelight Colour bulb and 3 Yeelight Colour Strips are not able to connect. I keep getting the message: Connection timed out. Have reset my router, and lights more than 50 times. But i am still unable to connect and it is really frustrating.

Anyone here knows a solution to this?


Any update about the issue?