Help with Yeelight LED color Bulbs

Guys i recently bought two Yeelight color bulbs and i cannot connect to them no matter what i try. I tried connecting them using my home ISP and also using my cellphone 3G data with no success.
I live in Mexico and i always have that dreaded ¨Connection time out¨ when trying to connect to the bulbs (usually when i am at 90% or 99% of progress)

What can i do? I use a Dlink 850L router, is there any setting i can modify so that i can connect to the bulbs?

Please let me know.

Thanks so much for your support

Is your bulb keeping flashing between red, green and blue? If yes, that’s caused by incorrect voltage. The color bulb only supports 220v (if you are not buying it from Amazon) and I google it and found Mexico uses 110v.

Oh yes, i found out that i bought a 220v version from Aliexpress. Is there any way i can make them work? Is there any converter that i can buy or something? Please let me know and thanks.

By the way, when i reset the bulb what it does is that it flashes white three or four times and then it starts rotating in different colors starting from red and going through others and then starts with white all ver again.

Thanks a lot in advance for your support

The flashes represent the bulb is being reset (on/off five times). Since your power supply is not enough, the chip will be on and off continuously which just like the reset operation.
There will be some power converter, please search it in your local store.

Alright, after i get it, can i do the normal procedure to connect it? Please let me know

Yes, as long as the power voltage is correct, you should be able to connect it. If you have other issues, just post it here and we will provide prompt support.