Help with latest beta

Hello guys,

I wrote about this in beta thread but got no response. Probably got lost among all other messages.

I have this serious problem, since I use 5 yeelights in my living room/dining room/kitchen and this is been a real pain. Especially for the wife which is constantly compaining when something doesn’t work :slight_smile:

Anyways, I have tablet that is central controller of all my Yeelights. It is on the wall and always on AC and on Wifi. With old version of Yeelight app there were no problems like this. So I suppose it is the app.

When I run Yeelight app, on/off works for several hours. But then sometimes (but every day!) it stops working. Shortcuts on home screen to turn lights on/off stop working, Yeelight app just doesn’t turn lights on/off even thought it SHOWS the status correctly.

In order to get it to work again, I have to exit Yeelight app, clear recent apps and relaunch Yeelight app (it shows the loading splash screen, so it basically re-starts ). Sometimes I do this once, sometimes like 5 times until it starts working.

This is a major problem, since I can’t use my lights!

I can make a video of it if it would help (I don’t know if I explained it right)? Is there some kind of LOG that would show what is happening?

IMHO it is happening because of something with the LAN control that was implemented in 3.0 beta. Never happened with v2. Never happens from my own python scripts which I use to control Yeelights from Kodi. Only from Yeelight 3.x beta

Help, please!


Sorry for the problem and delay response.

We have been working on optimization for LAN control. Please wait for a beta update.

Thank you!