HELP! Need a server that can add my Mi/Aqara products and make them work with Alexa


My setup is:
1 Xiomi Gateway
3 Yeelight RGB Bulbs
1 Xiaomi smart security camera
1 door open/close sensor
2 Aqara Smart Switches, the thin ones that stick to the walls

My problem is:
I use Alexa, but have all my products in my MiHome app, everything works great on the app from Xiaomi but I want voice controls.
If I want to use voice control on Alexa I need to put my Yeelight to Signapore server, problem is I cant connect the Aqara smart switch there, because I have kids and not everybody at home uses Alexa voice controls, I need to get both the Yeelights and the smart switches to work in sync. Problem is in Signapore server I cant add my camera or the smart switches and also my Mi Wifi Extender. So this is not working for me.
Is there anyway around this, I believed in these products and I am starting to get a bit disappointed as I cant get everything to work together :frowning: PLEASE HELP!!

does not exist… since >1 year ago.
follow this thread instead: Mi gateway on Singapore server

Are you using xiaomi skill? Please post your questions here.

Yes, I added Yeelight Skill to Alexa.

If I switch to Signapore server and only connect my Yeelight, Alexa will work yes, but what about my Xiaomi security camera, what about my Aqara Smart Switches (Xiaomi Brand) that don’t work in Signapore server, what about my Wifi Repeater, all Xiaomi brand. I can’t add any of those products to my profile on Signapore server… Please help me getting thorought this. I can’t take it anymore, so disappointed with these issues :frowning:

Welcome to the club!! You posted this on MARCH and its already AUGUST with absolutely NO SOLUTION!!!

Of course there is a solution… I use home assistant, my xiaomi gateway is connected to China server with aqara switches, sensors etc… My yeelight is connected to Germany server… And all via LAN control is controlled by home-assistant. I do all the automation through it, has a great interface and easy to use. Plus I have Alexa to control everything as well

has a great interface and easy to use

Great interface??? :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Is what I am talking about. Vet popular and yes, easy to use interface and looks great, especially with the new lovelace gui

Again and again the same answer about hassio from different people every now and then… most of us have a raspberry somewhere with hassio (that we either got rid of or want to get rid of) but this is yeelight forum, an official partner of Xiaomi and people are talking about official solutions here. There is no point talking about a 3rd party “solution” (double quotes because a workaround is NOT a solution) that almost everyone knows about.

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Maybe can ask Aqara. They will answer questions in their Facebook page and others like Instagram, YouTube, etc Even at their Aqara website.