Group/Room scheduling

Correct me if I am wrong but there’s no way to set group scheduling?
I have 5 bulbs on one lamp and I would love to schedule all of them to one of my customized “sun rises”. Currently I set all of them independently but it’s the only thing that makes my experience with Yeelight bad.


Yes! I have the same question :slight_smile:

We thought of this function before, but we didn’t find a good solution.

If we set a schedule to a Group/Room, we set the schedule to each of devices in the Group/Room (the schedule will also show in each Schedule function list), it is easy for us to do that. However, we don’t find a good way to display schedule list for Group/Room. We need to traverse all the schedule of the devices in the Group/Room. We can display one item if all the devices have the same Schedule. But if you can change the schedule of one of the device in the Group/Room, how should Yeelight display?

Hmmm, you are right, it’s not that simple.

Here’s what I came up with: show scheduling in the group/room ONLY if all bulbs in that group/room have exactly same scheduling. So if I have a group with 5 bulbs and sub-group with only 3 of them I can set a scheduling for all of them and it will also show up in the group of 3. But if I set scheduling in group of 3 bulbs it will not show up in group of all. And if I will change scheduling in one of the bulbs it will disappear from group scheduling.

I know it’s not perfect but it’s enough for me :slight_smile:

Yes, this is a way we can do. But it is strange that I can’t see the schedule in Group/Room list if i change one of its device schedule. Cause the schedule is created from Group/Room, but i don’t remove it :joy: I have seen lots of people require this feature, we will consider it carefully.

Please implement that feature. I am really missing it in my Yeelight App. It works perfectly fine with Philips Hue App as well!

Can you PLEASE add group scheduling? It’s so frustrating. Idea: on the schedule page for group have a tab for bulbs below the time settings. If you click it a list of the bulbs in the group are there with checkboxes or something that shows whether or not that bulb is on the group schedule. By default all bulbs would be selected when you make a new schedule.

If group scheduling is not easy to design for an UI, how about allowing us to copy schedule?

What do you think of implementing a feature, where I can copy schedule of a single bulb to some other bulbs and overwrite them?