Green and red tint with warm color temperatures (RGBW bulbs)


I own 2x Yeelight RGBW bulbs that I’ve had for a few weeks now. Both gradually develop areas tinted green and red when they have been on for a while with a warm color temperature. This warmer the temperature, the more obvious the tint. As it is now, the tint is always there with warm temperatures, even though the bulb has been off for hours or even days before I turn it on. Here’s a screenshot illustrating the problem.

I contacted GearBest support about it, and they gave me two options:

  1. Return the bulbs for a full refund (but pay for shipping).
  2. Receive a partial refund of $5.

I went with #2 only because shipping from Norway is very expensive, and I’d end up spending at least the value of one bulb to ship them off.

Still, I wonder - is this a defect or normal operation? Cause if it’s the former, I might buy new bulbs. If the latter, I definitely wont.

Thanks for reading.

Hello, do you mean you can see some areas show green or red when you change the bulb to a warm color temperature? Are the bulbs normal when they are in color mode?

BTW, I can’t get the picture you linked, could you post it again?

That is correct. And yes they are normal in color mode and with cold temperatures. I’m sorry about the image. This link should work.

I have a color bulb set up with 2700K. Sometimes I notice that the color changes slightly into either greenish or red. But not significantly, so I am not sure whether this is related.

How does yours look compared to mine (see photo above)? And does the tint set in once you turn it on or must it stay on for a while for it to happen?

The color temperature lights are mixed by color(R G B)beads, please don’t worry, this is normal.

I see. But it seems to me like the reds and greens are too dominant in certain areas of the bulb. It wasn’t like this when I first got the bulbs. Warm colors looked neutral/yellowish. Now about 70% of the bulb looks neutral and the rest looks red and/or green. It happened to both my bulbs after a few days of use.

Are you saying this is how it should be?

It is hard to say whether it looks similar. It is not that significant, but noticeable. I experienced that it changes suddenly to a slightly different color after some time when the light is on. Right after turning it on it seems to have a normal color.

I see. For how long have you had your bulb(s)? To begin with, mine behaved like you describe. After a few days the tint was always there when I first turned them on…

I only have one bulb. I think I have it since two or three months.