Got my New Yeelight Strip ....but it's not coming 'On' at all?

Hi all,

So I just got my new Yeelight Strip delivered today …bought from Ali Express

…But whatever I do …the LEDs on the strip do not come on at all.

I have managed to reset and connect it to the app and WiFi …But even during ‘Reset’ the LEDs do not light up at all.

…Does this sound faulty for sure?

here is a quick video:


You should be able to turn on strip with the button, so if it doesn’t work there’s something wrong with it…


Thanks for reply.

I cannot get the LEDs on whatsoever.

I guess this confirms this unit is faulty for sure :frowning:


You can see in my video of unboxing - I didn’t even have to connect it to Wifi, it worked on button on/off:

it is nice ip65 normal rgb led strips,
hope one day,they can produce some digital rgb neon pixel led strip and control with their systems,
that will be cooler.