Google Home "Sorry I do not understand"


I currently have 5 Yeelight colour bulbs which are connected to my Google Home and Google Home Mini. I have a problem with two of the bulbs which when i say “Turn on Matthew’s light” or “Turn on Ben’s light” I get the response of “Sorry I do not understand” from Google Home. The bulbs respond to dimming and changing colour with no problem, it’s just turning them on and off that I have this problem with. The other three bulbs work perfectly.

I have reset the problematic bulbs, reset Google Home and unconnected Yeelight from Google home but they still refuse to work.

Any suggestions?


Well I seem to have solved my question.

Appears Google Home does not like Matthew’s or Ben’s. Works fine with plain old Matthew or Ben.

Just does not seem right saying “Turn off Ben light” though! :wink:

I wonder if setting up shortcuts might be a suitable workaround.

Or removing the apostrophe from the device names might be enough.

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Thanks tried the shortcut but still does not work. Removing the apostrophe and the s works. Must be the way i speak lol

It could be that Google Assistant is not very accurate.