Google home mainland china

Hello. I have installed yeelight RGB, lightstrip and also some other stuff like magic cube from xiaomi.

Thing is. When I register the cube in mi home it needs to be mainland China as server. And when I register the yeelight products (in yeelight app) it won’t work with google home mini if I have mainland China selected.

Anyone have suggestions to solve this problem? Will google mini soon support mainland China? Also a bigger question is why it’s not already supported. Cant really understand.

Thank you!

I dont think Mainland China will ever support a service like Google Assistant or Alexa because of the strict internet policy of China.

Have you tried singapore server ? As this server is compatible with a lot of Xiaomi and yeelight devices (not all but it’s still better than a year ago) and support Google Assistant and Alexa

Thank you for answer.

I have tried Singapore and it won’t work with some of my stuff. Anyway I heard that there will be a EU server within a month or so which will solve this issue probably.

Take a look at this thread: Mi gateway on Singapore server

You can send an email about this at Xiaomi (i did and according to them they are looking at this and promished a solution… who knows whats on their mind).
We are either waiting for Singapore server to support the gateway and sensors or the EU server to be ready with full support for gateway and sernsors.