Google Home issue with Yeelight Bulb

HI, I’ve tried to connect my Yeelight account to my Google Home and my Home can see the devices but when I ask Google to turn on or turn off a specific light in my house it answers me that doesn’t know that device. It happens with both China and European server. Any ideas to solve it?

Hello, it happens that China server doesn’t work with Google home. So use only Germany or Singapore servers. Unlink your Yeelight account from Google then link it again. To unlink, hit the + button just like if you are going to add new device in the home control section. You’ll see Yeelight action on top, long press on then choose Unlink.

Neither German works :sob:

@yusure Please help.


Could you tell me your MI ID ?


I found your bulb connect to China server, currently, China server can’t support GoogleHome, Please select Singapore server or US server.

I had switched it yet on Singapore Server but the issue was still present. The issue was related to GoogleHome issue with rooms. Now Google solved the issue and I can use them on Singapore Server :slight_smile:

An other question, where I can suggest a new feature for the app?

You can post in this forum :slightly_smiling_face:

Geolocation could be very interesting. So I can switch off the light when I’m away and switch on when I’m back. Moreover, I’ve encountered an issue when I created a scene with a door sensor. I’ve set the sensor to switch on the kitchen light for about 30 seconds when I’m back to home (so I opened the door) but if there is someone in the kitchen and the light is yet switched on the sensor should not switch it off after 30 seconds because someone is using that light before I was back to home.

IFTTT may be helpful to turn off or on the light depending on geolocation

Yes, I know. But it should be very good in app. Consider that I had my phone broken and my temporary phone was not able to install more than two or three app, for example. Moreover, if I want to make my girlfriend to be geolocated, and my parents, and my cousin I’ve to install IFTTT on all the devices while if the settings is available by the Yeelight app that is yet installed by people have to manage the lights…

You’re right. For my case it happens that IFTTT has some delay sometimes.