Google Home Integration - Issues, Solutions and Feedbacks


Thanks so much for your fast answers. I unbinded my Yeelight Account from Google Assistant and reconnected it again. After that my scenes were loaded. Now commands like “Activate Good Morning” or “Activate Good Night” work fine. Anyway I still have another bug: The Scenes I manually configured are not working in Google Assistant althought they are working fine in the Yeelight App. For example I made a scene called “office” and another called “Leselicht” (=Reading Light). All those scenes are not working in the Google Assistant. Only the scenes which were already added to the Yeelight-App before can be configured and work with Google Assistant.

Anyway Thanks very much for your help! :slight_smile:


try using an english nickname for that scenes are not working in the google assistant app. Probably it can not understand non-english words for actions


Yes. I thought that too. That’s why I called one of them “office”


Setup a new scene with exact same content as Good Morning, which has been verified work fine. Then rebind and discover that scene, then try again with google assistant.

If it could work, there must be some bug.


I would like some with help the color flow command. Nothing I say seems to trigger it? And also the scenes I create are not recognized. And to close it out, is there a command to start music flow?


Hi everyone!
I am having problems integrating my yeelights 2 color bulbs with Google home.
I try to add the lights, it goes to the page to sign on in mi account and give permissions and then it looks like it is loading but it goes back to the page where are all the things that work with Google home and nothing happens. I dont get the things to add to a room. My yeelights are connected to the singapore server. It works with iftt perfectly. I also turned off all the applets to see if it was from that but it is the same as I described before. Can someone please help me?
Best regards


Would you want to sync new device on google home?
Can you tell me your new device type? color bulb or ceiling light or other?
Best to tell me your xiaomi id, and I log it.


Hi there, i have issues creating my account to link my yeelights to google home. I tried to use Facebook to register but it only allows me to select China server. I exited and tried to manually create (without facebook) but now it states that my phone number has already been used? Can someone help me look into this? I have got everything worked with my office cell phone number but in case i move jobs i would not want to have to reset again!


My lights are colour bulbs. You want my ID and password?
The e-mail i use is :


I found you have two color bulbs, their names are the same, rename one of them.


still no synchronization between Yeelight App and Google Home? Everytime I add a scene in Yeelight App to be activated by Google Home and yet, the Google Home app doesn’t show the new scene unless you unlink and link again with Yeelight App. This is an issue for long and still no fixation?


Sorry for English, I wanted to know if Google Home / Yeelight integration works with Google Assistant installed on Raspberry. Thanks in advance Riccardo


basically and theoretically, yes! I don’t have a Raspberry but I can control my bulbs thru any devices that have Google Assistant, even with my Watch.


OK thanks. At this point there is another question, I saw the procedure for implementing Lights with Google Home via (I believe) only the android phone, but raspberry works with Google Assistant APK and does not have the Google Home app. How can i pair them


So, in this case, you have to use IFTTT or Tasker but I prefer IFTTT, or else you can use another android phone logged in your gmail account then.


Hi there, probably been answered before but I can’t find it. Voice control works fine on Google assistant on my phone, I’ve added the lights on google home app and can see them in devices but when I give commands to turn on or off to my google home speaker it just says “sorry I don’t understand” or “I can’t help with that”


You may need to give our light a common name.


Hi there, thanks for your answer. Do you mean a nickname in the Home app? I have 4 bulbs in 2 rooms.


Hi there,
I’ve got a Yeelight I ordered from China and I am trying to get this to work with my Google Home App…I am in the UK so I don’t know if I’m doing something silly, but I can’t get this to work! Sorry if this has been spoken about before and appreciate any help given


Can you tell me your device type?
Google Home only support WiFi devices !