Google Home control problem



I just received a Mijia Desk lamp and a Ceiling Light 450 and I have a problme with Google Home integration.

When I ask Google Assistant to swich on or off my lamps, only the Desk Lamp respond. I always have a message saying “ceiling light in not available” (or something like that, I’m using it in french language). I’m able to control the light through Yellight app. I’m registered on the Yeelight german server.

I tried to reset and reassociate my ceiling light multiples time, but I got no luck in making it work with google assistant.

Could you help me with that ?

Thanks !


Please provide your Xiaomi ID, we will take a look on Monday.



Woaw, thats a quick reply ! My ID is 1630942766.

Thanks for your help !


@yusure Please help check the issue of Google Home.


Hi partner, if you change server to German server, you should tell GoogleHome to sync devices, you can say: “Hey Google, sync devices”, when GoogleHome sync successful, please try control it.



It’s working now ! Did you change something on my account or did I missed something in not asking Google to sync devices ?

Thanks for your help, I’ll definitively buy more Yeelight products !

P.S : Do you have any plans concerning a Yeelight wall switch ? It’s the last thing I miss !


I didn’t change your account, the reason is you change server on Yeelight App, but GoogleHome don’t know this thing, so you should tell GoogleHome.