Google Home and yeelight changing brightness doesnt seem to really be noticeable on lights?

I was playing around with OK Google change brightnesss of Bedside Lamp 100%, 50% and 25% and the brightness wasnt really noticeable change?

Does your bedside lamp support WiFi?

Yep I can change colour, scene mode, and brightness, but unless you do like 1% and 100% you dont really see any differences in the brightness, compared to using the brightness touch panel on top of the lamp

Is this a bug that will fixed or a google home limitation?

Please open your App and monitor the brightness bar when you command Google home to adjust brightness. If the bar is changing according to your command, it means everything is good, otherwise, it’s either a bug of Yeelight google home adapter layer or Google home itself.

The slider is moving on the app. But not changing the brightness the same as using the touch ontop. Is anyone else having this same issue?