Google Assistant SDK

Apologies if this has been posted already but Goor have just released the SDK for Google Assistant

This SDK is used by developers who want to talk to Google through voice. It has nothing to do with smart home device control. We will ask Google Home team again to see if they would release the direct action API to us.

Thanks, I realised that shortly after I posted. Apologies.

This is SDK Action is not the one?
(sorry for my english)

Direct action is not available yet.

It is now available, just introduced in I/O

We are working on it, please stay tuned.


Are you able to make a email newsletter so that we can get updates for when things like this come out?

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That’s a good idea!
Home Automation with the Google Assistant

Yeah, we are already on it.

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Remember the good cop, bad cop technique? Well, Google has always been the first one to show the maximum loyalty to developers. Unlike Apple, Google doesn’t have strict requirements for design. The approvement period in the Play Market is much shorter and not as fastidious as in the Apple App Store too.
Nevertheless, in a question of smart assistant integration, it appears quite conservative. For now, Google assistant works with the selected apps only. The list includes such hot names as eBay, Lyft, Airbnb, and others. They are allowed to make their own Now Cards via special API.( According the cleveroad blog -