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I would like to know where can we have access to all command supported by Google Assistant with Yeelight ? It’s really boring to have to guess wich command work/doesn’t work. In addition it looks like the only modes that are recognized by Google Assitant are sunset/sunrise (hope you can add the others mode too)

Thanks :slight_smile:

Try this:

Thanks but that’s general commands for lights.

I would like to know exactly what yeelight scenes are supported as from what i’ve tested only sunset/sunrise works :confused:

That depend what scene you have create in Yeelight app.

So, what is the command to activate a scene in Google Assistant?
I have created a scene with three different bulbs in three different rooms of the house calling it “Sleep mode”.
The scene is already synchronized in Google Assistant but I can activate it by voice. What ever I tried it didn’t work.
As the scene does not belong in a specific room, I didn’t assign it to a room in Google Assistant. I had no luck though, so I assigned it in a new generic room in the house, but I still can’t activate it.

@Vialaxy I don’t know if you have found a way to activate your scenes. For me the solution came from a user review for the yeelight actions on Google Assistant.
Scenes can be activated with routines. We have to create a new routine with our own custom command and select your scene from home control actions.
The bad thing is that we have to create manually a routine for every single scene. The good thing is that we can say what ever we want to activate them, not a specific command.
Still don’t know if there is another way for yeelight, neither if other brands work like this.

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Unfortunnatly i can’t find a way to trigger anything else than sunset/sunrise :frowning:
And the routines are apparently only a US features for now so i guess i’ll have to wait the release for in france (or reset my google home and set it up with the US version as it’s really annoying to have to wait months for updates).
But thanks for your reply at least now i know how to do it :slight_smile:

if people speaking French facing problems like this, guess what happens to people speaking Greek :grinning:
I always use English - US on my devices, and one of the reasons is because I hate to wait years (not months) to enjoy new things…