Good way to control lights locally ?

the key point here is locally, since the delay is just way too great. it is fine with voice command when using with google-home etc. but any thing that need phone or smart device, cloud is just too slow.

right now i am control them on domoticz, but everything is done with scripts in events.

i would even prefer control them locally with voice. so basicly ifttt is no go in this case (unless there is way to set ifttt locally)

any good suggestions?

Voice control can’t go through local network, because all the voice recognition must be done by cloud computing.

Hi alanyee

There are alternatives for offline voice control, read: no internet connection needed.

  • The Jasper Project:
    They have a set of speech recognition modules, where one of them is offline, processed on your computer. It’s not as good as Google STT though. It’s called Pocketsphinx, go check it out.
  • Mycroft: By default the speech is going through their Open Source cloud, but once again, you can pick Pocketsphinx as the default STT, so everything stays local.

You’ll have to map the commands though, so the server knows what to do with your voice commands. But that’s a one time only setup.

I’m playing with this myself, but I just started so I can’t help you much further.

I’m also using Domoticz, but I’m looking to switch over to as it looks more modern. They have support for Yeelight as well!

that is kinda true. but i only want google to be cloud at most.

somehow it is very slow to access all the yeelight/xiaomi server in my city (perth aus).

thanks so much, i am digging into it.

same right now i am using domoticz as well for quick control via phone app.

but ultimately i voice and watch are the 2 ways i am looking for.