Getting to Favourites in the iOS App

Just a little feedback… The iOS app has come along way and it much nicer to use now, however, I still hate the fact that it takes sooooo many actions before I get to the programmed favourites list. I use this far more than any preset scenes.

  1. Open App
  2. Select Bulb
  3. slide screen
  4. Tap Favourites
  5. Tap 'Favourite" tab
  6. Scroll down past huge unnecessary graphic
  7. Tap apply

SEVEN steps… that’s insane. As an ex web designer, I know a little something about UIX and this is pretty bad as user experience goes.

There is more than enough space on the screen when you first open a bulb to show all these features and jump directly to the programmed favourites selection. You could get this down to three steps very easily.

Please consider this for future App development.

The new version considering this is coming soon.