Germany Server shows Devices Offline

Hi there i have a Problem with my Devices in the Germany Server. All of the Lamps are showing Offline. In my Router i can see its all Connected as Online. I can not delete or change anything. I am on Android 3.1.36. Please have a check whats the matter.
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Could you have a try logout and login again?

Yes several Times. The Lamps are always in the App but Shows Offline and the Rooms are gone.

I also can not delete the Lamps and relearn it in the App.

@Yeelighter1 please try again. We will check if there is some error log from backend.

Ok done. I have send you some Errorfiles from the Devices in the App. Hope that helps

It is 100% at your end. My devices also show offline (Germany server).

I can still control them localy over LAN Api through my HomeAssistant software. But Google Home or Yeelight app doesnt work.
Please fix it

I have this issue too, I’m on Germany server as well. All my 7 devices are offline, tried many times to reconnect but the process stalls at “updating connection status” every time. Yeelight app is up to date.

Same issue with Singapore server and US server.
All my lights are show offline even after several reset.

Experiencing the same issue on the Singapore server. Came home from work and both my lights were offline. Was able to reset and re-add them on the China server fine, but when I tried to reset and go back to the Singapore server I’m getting timeouts during the connection stage and can’t add my lights again :frowning:

Got the same issue with Singapore server, all devices are offline

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same here, all are offline after the latest update. tried resetting no luck, still the same.

im on sg server

Update for Lamps are Online. The Rooms are gone. Ok i can handle with it. Thanks

@Yeelighter1 @cyclonicjason @lupenyk @rithsv @mrki1312 @sf159753 @Ciol46


There’s something error with the cloud server, we have fixed the issue. Please have a try.

Sorry about the issue.

For rooms and scenes missing issue, there will an update very soon.


Thanks for fixing quickly!

@dingyichen So you say there come an update very soon. So i can make new Rooms and Scenes with the currend App? And they are saved in the Server? Or we must wait for a new App Update?

Actually, there’s something changes with Xiaomi Cloud server,which caused method of request of rooms and scenes don’t working. These changes is out of yeelight control, so we are working on the fix when we receive your feedback.

Now the fix is in the Google Play with beta version, you can get it with

Have a try, thanks!

It’s now working again