Well, I’d gladly chose the EU server if it only supported everything as China server :slight_smile: + Google assistant :slight_smile:


We totally understand the inconvenience may caused. We don’t have other choice but to proceed following the laws and regulations.


No inconvenience for me - I am on China server :slight_smile: What I meant is that I’d gladly switch to EU server once it supports all Xiaomi devices like China one :slight_smile:


That’s the point.

But we can not recommend Eu user connect Mainland china server, because that’s illegal!


So if one just has Yeelights(no other Xiaomi products that are smart enabled) then all functionality will be available on the German server?

Been using Singapore for well over a year


That´s okay, but please, don´t ban EU citizens from china server, as roborock s50, we have a lot of xiaomi devices that only works in that china server.


We won’t.