So now the app is completely useless, rooms and scenes don’t work anymore. Is the yeelight team going to do anything about it?

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I can still use those features if I switch to Singapore server though, but Germany is the closest one

I also cant use Germany server, makes no sense to me if i cannot use one european server. Id like to know if this is an error or if its to keep it like this because i wont buy any more yeelight equipments if i need to go back to singapore. Makes no sense. Please provide some feedback about this so i can see what alternatives i have, thanks.

PS: I cant even select Room or Scenes i instantly get a warning about GDRP - Service Unavaiable

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Just wait for our official announcement.

How about releasing the announcement before reducing your app and your products to uselessness? You’ve had two years to prepare for GDPR. This is so unprofessional, it’s beyond ridiculous.


It’s a shame like the missing update at the LED strip… Seriously, which announcement?


WTF!? :frowning:

To whom may concern service shutdown on German server:

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Thanks for the information, but you could have shared it before here in the forum or maybe explain it inside the app itself

Good point, we are working on the update of application.

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It’s pretty clear that they ignored the GDPR until the last few days and now are scrambling to try and deal with it. Otherwise there would be no reason to just shut down most of the service without even any prior announcement.

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Your post is worded in a way that is hard to understand. Will you restore that service in a week and everything will be working as before? Or is that functionality (at least for the EU server) completely gone?

What exactly makes you think that you have to remove all that functionality? It more sounds like that you got note of the new privacy laws in the last minute and scrambled to do something in order to avoid any legal consequences?!

Well, after receiving my new 3 yeelight bulbs 2 weeks ago, now they are mostly useless.

I would like to ask a question though.
I am quite new to this IOT thing so please bare a bit with my ignorance. BUT.

1.) Why the **** do my light bulb settings have to be uploaded and retained at some server any place in the cloud anyway ? What am i missing here ? Shouldn’t they be saved in the app locally starting off ?

2.) What happens if i plan to use them someplace without an internet connection ? Why would i NEED an internet connection to light my house anyway ?

3.) What happens if you decide to go out of business at some point or disconnect one of your servers, do i lose the functionality of my lighting ?

Finally one last thing, what kind of data are you logging that does not comply to the this new GDPR thing ?
Its a light bulb for Christ’s sake.

Sorry if i come on as a little aggressive but this is completely unacceptable.

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We apologize for any inconveniences or confusions the suspension of services may cause.

For you questions:

  1. Most of the settings need to be saved in cloud, like Schedules, Favorites, Scenes or Customizations, otherwise, when you change another phone, all you settings will gone and the schedules will not work without your phone.

  2. Most of features need internet access, that’s how we make it smart, easily controlled remotely.

  3. We are here to support. Don’t worry about that!

  4. Actually GDPR is more complicated than you thought, it’s nothing about what data we collect(for details, please refer to our Privacy Policy, we have described everything include what data we collected, why we are collecting those data and how we are going to use it). There are more regulations about the right of user to access the data has been collected, request to delete all the data has been collected, even the right to restriction of processing, etc. Some of that are brand new requirement for every company or developer that run software service in Eu region, we need to adjust our software to make it completely compliant with those regulations.

Again, it’s not about what data we collected, it’s about some new regulation requirement about how we safeguard the data!

Thanks for your understanding!


Actually, we have been working on GDPR compliance for months. But unfortunately, we found a potential risk that might not fully compliant with GDPR requirement in the last minute. Considering privacy data security is our utmost priority, we have to suspend all those affected services temporarily.

As it was written in our official announcement, we are working on the fix day and night. Services will be restored immediately once the the issue was fixed.

Thanks for your understanding!

Thank you for your detailed answers. Much appreciated!
Customer service like this makes sure that I will buy more of your products!!

Repost because I forgot to answer to your post.

Thanks for your quick reply. I really appreciate when customer support addresses user complaints quickly.

I have to say though, that i understand using the cloud for storage so that you could use multiple devices with the same settings but i also think that there should be an option to store your settings locally in case of an internet blackout.

At least all my yeelight products are working with china server.
Not as the roborock S50, if you have china server you cant use It. And if you select the european server you cant use other xiaomi devices.

@coasterli GDPR is about protecting EU citizens privacy. Just remember that even if we are connecting to Singapure server, this server has to have same security level as EU servers.

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We will provide proper privacy data protection according to the local law and regulations where the server located.

So if you are Eu citizen, please choose Germen server as we have recommended in APP, otherwise you need to take the risk.