Flash notify function

Hi, may know I the flash notify function has been fixed?
It will still turn on the light even my light is off at the first play.

Just to share with everyone how I did the flash notify, please comment if I do it wrongly.
I have my Tasker to trigger If I am at home and receive notification from selected applications, Then the task is flash notify, wait for 4 seconds and off the light.
This is to prevent the light is always on if I didn’t switch it on at the first place.
However, this will create another problem which is the light will be turned off if the light is on at the first place.
The next problem is, the light will not be turned off even tasker run all the tasks as I planned.
Anyone has better idea on how to do it?

We are working on new firmware to fix it. The bulb will be restored to original status after flash notify.


This problem fixed for Yeelight color version but it still occurs for Yeelight whites. I bought 10 yeelight white but now I disappointed. I’m using IFTTT to blink the light with my Android notifications. It works well but if my light is off, after blinks, it’s turning on and stay in this case (it stays as open). It should be closed after the flash notify process.

When will the new update which will fix this be available?


It’s did’nt work too for me with my yeeligtht color.
I select “Flash notify mode” but that’s don’t do anythink when i receive a notif in my phone.

Ps: sorry for my english ^^

Check if the bulb is ON from Send/Expect plugin for Tasker.

Try activate Flash Notify in Yeelight app, check if your bulb flashed.

the bulb flashed when i select flash notify but don’t work when i receive a notif

How did you setup the interaction? Via Tasker, IFTTT or something else?

I don’t know how to setup it ^^

No answer?

Flash notify in Yeelight app is just a bridge.
It won’t work without other apps to capture the notification.
You may choose Tasker (Paid app) or IFTTT.
If you want to try, just use IFTTT.
IFTTT means If this then that.
After installing it, set up a new applet.
IF receiving a notification, flash Yeelight.

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