Feedback & Requested Yeelight App features

Dear Yeelight Community,

I wanted to open here a new thread to share user feedback and requests of wanted features that the Yeelight App still doesn’t has.

I started using the Xiaomi Yeelight RGBW LED light a few months ago it’s in my opinion a great competitor to other smart light lamps, but I noticed a few things with the Yeelight App:

  • Group Management of all Yeelights has Music Mode missing -> it’s very annoying to turn on this feature on all lights manually one by one.
  • Scene Management is very complicated for Yeelight Lamp Groups -> You can only define one lamp per user defined scene mode; Please make it possible to setup more Yeelights per scene! (I think this feature is very important for Yeelight based homes)
  • Add more Scene Modes
  • Music Mode -> Add different Music Modes
  • Flow Mode -> Add more different Flow Modes (for example: Group lights flow differently one by one; instead of all three together)

I hope that my feedback leads to a better user friendly app!

Other users are also welcome to give feedback about the App! :smile:

Best Regards

Thanks for opening this thread! We will review each item carefully and improve our software step by step!

Thankyou for your answer.

Here is another improvement:

  • If I stream audio from my iphone to a bluetooth speaker it interrupts the bluetooth output as soon as I start the music mode in the Yeelight App and plays the music instead only on my device, I found out that there is no turnaround solution for this. -> Please allow the device to listen to the microphone + playing back audio via Bluetooth Speaker at the same time!
  • If you update the iOS/Android App: Please add a english localization to the changelog, I can’t read chinese letters.