[Feature Request] Smart Sunrise - Turn on lights based on set Alarms

Not separatly set alarms in the app. What I mean is:

I once configure in the Yeelight App, if there is an active Alarm set for the next day between e. g. 6 - 10 am, then set my Lights 1 and 2 to Sunrise Scene 15 Minutes before that alarm time.

Everytime then when I set an alarm, normal ordinary alarm with any Android Alarm clock app default or from playstore,

Yeelight app catches the ACTION_NEXT_ALARM_CLOCK_CHANGED Event and set an Sunrise Timer for 15 minutes before that time.

So I can just set a normal Alarm and get woken up by my Yeelight Sunrise. My Phone can be in Airplane Mode.

In other words: Give us an option to set:

If there is an alarm set between X and Y clock, then start Sunrise scene Z minutes before.

So we can just set our alarm and sunrise is always on time.

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You are considered advanced user.
I can only used certain alarm apps that has Tasker plugin to trigger Yeelight.
Currently using Sleep as Android.

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Tasker still can’t access pre-configured scenes, for some reason, on the latest app update though.

Same here, no news from them.

It would be nice to get an explanation as to why they removed it in the first place. It makes absolutely no sense to remove a feature that has gained them a lot of free advertising across the internet.

I had it set up using my own customisations as a work around but since the latest app update the app just crashes when I try to access my own customized scenes. Getting very frustrated about the backward steps and lack of communication or assistance with these issues.

Could you please stick top Themen topic?

I’m not sure in what way you think that we haven’t been sticking to the topic.

To summarise:

You can already do exactly what you want using Tasker although you currently have to set up your own customisations as you can’t access the preconfigured scenes like you could previously.

For this and many other advanced automation options it would be far more useful and flexible for the Tasker plugin to be maintained, and enhanced, than to constantly build features used by a select few into the app. Is any of this not on topic?

Maybe I am wrong, if so, my apologies.

But my last information was, that Yeelight+Tasker did not really set a timer on the web/on my bulbs for sunrise but rather when the time has come it enables the scene, in other words it won’t work when my Phone is in Airplane mode.

Every evening I set my alarm (or leave it where it is) and then turn on Airplane Mode.
In the morning I want my sunlight so sunrise me awake x minutes before my alarm will go off.

Ahh OK, sorry, I understand. Maybe the staff will have a solution for you but I can’t see them implementing such a feature any time soon (we can hope I’m wrong)

I can’t see many people needing this type of solution though, I wouldn’t think it is very common for people to put their phone in airplane mode overnight.

My current setup is not exactly what you require, but maybe helps because I also leave my phone in airplane mode during the night.

Currently I use Sleep as Android + IFTTT. Sleep as Android automatically enables wifi when it wants to send a trigger via IFTTT and enables Sunrise preset on my bulb.

The largest drawback is that this totally depends on internet connection via the router. (For this I want to try Tasker in the future.)

Among my colleagues it is actually very common to enable airplane mode over night, as our phones lay directly next to our heads on the nightstand. As an electrical engineer and with the poor network reception in my house it’s a good pratice and it doesn’t require more effort than just put it to silence :wink:

But glad to head, I make could my issue clear.

Thanks, due to missing alternatives I’ll probably try this out. But can I still just set my alarm with the default alarm clock app? This held me off till now…

You could probably use the same logic with Tasker, switching on the wifi prior to the alarm going off to activate your scene.

With the right plugins this would work with the built in alarm.

Unfortunately my setup only works with alarm clocks that send IFTTT triggers, like Sleep as Android.

As far as I know, Tasker has a lot more possibilities than IFTTT, maybe you can use Tasker with your default alarm. (I don’t know this for sure, so I don’t want to urge you to purchase the app though. :slight_smile: )

I can’t find sleep as android in IFTTT.
Another option would be to include this feature directly in the yeelight app. You could have an alarm inside the app and have the sunrise set 15 minutes before.

Any news?