Excessive Yeelight Items in Alexa App

I’ve been using my Yeelight bulb for some time now, and it works great. However…

Tonight I noticed in my Alexa app, that I have a total of 539 devices in the “Smart Home” section. I have just TWO. One is my Yeelight, and the other is a Nest Theromostat. Where the heck did all these devices come from? I certainly never did that.

I don’t want all these on my account, as it makes it hard to find my couple of legitimate devices. I don’t want to nuke everything, and I’m worried that if I do that and reconnect, all of these extra devices will come back. Anyone run into this before?


This was a bug introduced on Aug this year and was fixed just after 3 hours. All discovery requests within that 3-hours window will cause excessive devices been given to Alexa app.
To fix this, please forgot them in Alexa App and re-run discovery.

With over 500 of them, that’s fairly annoying, because I’d have to remove them one by one (VERY time consuming). Or remove all of them at once, which means I’d have to totally reset up my existing devices again (fairly annoying). :frowning:

Sorry for the inconvenience, I think forget all is a better choice if you don’t have much devices, after that, what you have to do is just saying “discover my devices”.