Entering devekoper mode

I cannot enable developer mode permanently. It works only if I am still in this option. If I get out of menu and enter again developer mode option is deactivated. Is it working so properly otthere is something wrong with my Yeeligt Android application?

regards Filozof71

Sometimes, App failed to read this value back due to network issue, you can refresh our app and see. The option is permanent on the bulb, you can provide it easily (by power off the bulb and power on).

Cannoy understnad the last sentcnce. Do you mean power on/off from the application or by real electical switch?

Power off the bulb and power on, if you can still get it working through 3rd party app, it’s proven to be permanent.

Have you tried iOS app?It may failed cause of network, like weiwei said.

Hello. Thanks for your support. I somehow managet it to work.